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Best restaurants in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a tourist city, so finding a restaurant that isn’t a tourist trap can be challenging. Here’s my list of best restaurants in Playa del Carmen that offer quality food for any budget level.

1. La Perla Pixan

Location: Calle 24 between 5th and 10th Avenue

La Perla Pixan, Playa del Carmen

When we’re in Playa, we usually go to La Perla once a day. Easily top of my list for best restaurants in Playa del Carmen.

They’re open from breakfast through late night, and offer a broad range of traditional cuisine from various regions in Mexico. They recently moved 2 doors down to a larger location, so it’s much easier to get a table.

We started coming here for the pulque, one of the few (if only) places to find pulque in Playa. The pulque comes in either 500 mL or 1 L servings, and they offer plain/natural pulque or various fruit-flavoured options. We always do natural. Get an order of guacamole (with chapulines for protein and crunch) and it’s the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon.

Their ceviche mixto with fish, shrimp and octopus is very generous and will definitely serve as a meal for a single person or can be shared between 2-3 people. They also have a tuna ceviche that’s equally delicious.

They also offer a few “pre-hispanic” platters, including a platter of tacos with grasshoppers, some sort of fried grub (actually tasty and crunchy) and insect eggs (?). Something worth trying for adventurous eaters. We finished the plate.

Platter of insect tacos at La Perla, Playa del Carmen

2. El Fogon

Locations: Constituyentes between 25th and 30th Avenue (main location, often hard to get a table); 30th Avenue at Calle 32; and 30th Avenue at Calle 6

El Fogon, Playa del Carmen

El Fogon is a taco institution in Playa, as evidenced by the size of their pastor. We stick to the classic tacos al pastor, sometimes con queso (with cheese) when we’re extra hungry. Two people can get tacos and beer for 200-300 pesos total. Great food at an unbeatable price.

3. Tacontenedor

Location: Constituyentes between 5th and 10th Avenue

Enjoying drinks at Tacontenedor on a rainy day in Playa del Carmen

Delicious fish (and shrimp) tacos. It’s worth visiting Tacontenedor a few times and exploring their menu. Their battered fish tacos are a must-have. Also try their (non-battered) fish tacos and shrimp tacos.

They also make great cocktails (blended daiquiris and margaritas).

4. Los Aguachiles

Locations: Constituyentes between 1st and 5th Avenue; Calle 34 between 25th and 30th Avenue; also a location in Tulum

If you’re hungry for seafood, then Aguachiles easily ranks among the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen. Also a place you can visit a few times and explore the menu. The roasted whole octopus is a must. The namesake aguachiles (similar to a ceviche) are also delicious.

5. Tacos Birria

Location: 30th Avenue between Calle 36 and 38

Tacos Birria

6. El Diez

Location: 5th Avenue at Calle 30 (also in Tulum and various locations in Mexico City)

When Playa locals want to go out for a nice meal, it seems they gravitate towards Argentinian restaurant El Diez. Great steal, but also pizza, sandwiches and pasta. A pricier option when you’re all taco’d out.

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