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Enjoying free snacks at Eladio’s in Mérida

If you’re in Mérida, you have to give Eladio’s a try. It’s a cantina that certain aspects that really need to be brought to Canada and the US.

Order a round of drinks at Eladio’s and they bring you a handful of small appetizers.

Order another round, and you get a different set of food.

And so it continues until you can’t eat any more. We lasted 3 rounds.

They’ll give you a menu, but locals (and wise tourists) know that you really don’t need to order anything, unless you have a craving for something specific.

Eladio’s has a number of locations in Mérida. We were conveniently located only block away from the Itzimná location. Odds are you’ll be close to either the downtown location, or the Itzimná location (if you’re at the top of Paseo Montejo):

Enjoying good beer and food at Eladio's Bar in Itzimná, Mérida

Enjoying good beer and food at Eladio’s Bar in Itzimná, Mérida

Free snacks with beer at Eladio's Bar, Mérida

Free snacks with beer at Eladio’s Bar, Mérida

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  1. Mario Coba June 29, 2015

    Thanks! We’re glad you wrote about us!

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