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Sipping chocolate in Playa del Carmen

Chocolate originated in Mesoamerica (central Mexico down to Central America) and the Aztec and Mayan cultures made chocolate beverages.

So it was only fitting that we seek out some hot chocolate while in Playa del Carmen.

Playa has a chain of chocolate-centric coffee shops called Ah Cacao (and one location in Cancun). They have a variety of hot chocolates on the menu, including a Mayan chocolate drink flavoured with cinnamon.

But the real gem is the sipping chocolate. It’s an espresso-sized hot chocolate drink that is essentially melted chocolate, slightly diluted with water and sweetened just enough to make it delicious. (They actually publish the recipe here.)

This quickly became our morning ritual walking from the hotel to the scuba shop. (It’s also suggested that chocolate helps prevent decompression sickness in divers!)

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